The new Asphalt Dynamix Test System range

Until now Universal Test Machines for asphalt mix and unbound materials could be divided into three types – pneumatic, hydraulic, and modified AMPTs.

Our new UTM VersaPro with Versa Motion Test System (VMTS), powered by eMotion Technology and controlled by the industry-leading cDAC data acquisition and control system, supported by dedicated DIMENSION asphalt testing software combines the best features of the three other machine types to create the perfect solution for testing laboratories.

With the UTM VersaPro, you can easily and accurately perform both research level and standard asphalt mixture and unbound material tests at affordable prices and in an eco-friendly environment.

key benefits



With an industry first up to 150mm stroke actuator you can perform variety of tests without crosshead adjustment. This is the perfect platform to be used with your existing test fixtures and temperature control.


Hydraulic performance for pneumatic price

Hydraulics are rightly seen as producing better waveforms than pneumatics, but modern Electro-mechanical Servo Actuator Technology gives the user higher quality waveforms and therefore higher test stability, accuracy, and repeatability at the price of pneumatics. It also ensures improved low temperature performance.


Plug & play adaptable and expandable system

Easily interchangeable cutting edge TEDs technology enables transducers to be swapped between channels and even cDAC boxes, as the calibration stays with the transducer. Connect any load cell, LVDT, extensometer, strain gauge or other types of transducer to cDAC. Record crack progression with software triggered photos for digital image analysis.


Energy Efficiency

Our eMotion actuator is extremely energy efficient as it draws power only when in motion. Hydraulic and pneumatic systems constantly consume high amounts of energy through power packs and air compressors. Concern about energy consumption will only increase and eMotion Technology is the perfect green solution.


User Experience

Our UTM VersaPro is eco-friendly, suitable for any type of laboratory and compliant with the highest health and safety requirements. The noise levels are typically 30% lower than hydraulic UTMs. The safety risk of dangerous high pressure oil leaks is completely eliminated as is the risk of fire from flammable oils. You can work on the UTM VersaPro in any lab or non-lab environment, like the classroom or practice workshop.


Low maintenance and reduced operating costs

Costs associated with hydraulic systems maintenance are eliminated. There are no oil hoses or seals to leak and repair, no expensive hydraulic fluids to replace, no waste disposal.

Calibration has been made easy with all information stored directly within the transducers.




  • EN 12697-24 Annex A and E
  • EN 12697-26 Annex A, C, and E
  • EN 12697-25 Method A and B
  • EN 12697-26 Annex B, C, D, and E
  • EN 12697-24 Annex D
  • EN 12697-44 
  • EN 12697-26 Annex D


  • ASTM D4123
  • ASTM D7369
  • ASTM D7460
  • ASTM D8237
  • ASTM D8044
  • ASTM D7313
  • ASTM WK26816


  • AASHTO T307
  • AASHTO T322/TP9
  • AASHTO T342/TP62
  • AASHTO T321
  • AASHTO T378 / TP79
  • AASHTO TP105
  • AASHTO TP124 Method B
  • AASHTO TP124 Method A


  • NCHRP 9-19
  • NCHRP 9-29
  • NCHRP 1-28A


  • AG:PT/T233
  • AG:PT/T274
  • AS 03:2000
  • AS 2891.12
  • BS 598-111
  • AS 2891.13.1
  • Tex-248-F
  • PUMA

main features

  • Electromechanical actuator EMT1 with up to 150mm stroke replaces pneumatic or hydraulic loading actuator ensures minimal subframe and specimen movement, more stable set up, better secured LVDTs and other transducers
  • Test frequency range from static to 100Hz
  • Compatible with our standard temperature-controlled cabinet with temperature range –25°C to  +70° [1]
  • Easily interchangeable LVDTs and other transducers with uniform plug & play connections
  • Standard and bespoke testing procedures – static, dynamic, compressive, tensile
  • Ambient temperature-dependent. Testing temperature is subject to actuator and test fixtures’ temperature range limitations.


[1] Ambient temperature-dependent. Testing temperature is subject to actuator and test fixtures’ temperature range limitations.

main applications

  • Superpave+ Performance Testing
  • Asphalt mix design
  • Quality Control
  • Recycled Materials Studies
  • Additive’s performance evaluation

research applications

  • We encourage collaboration with research institutes worldwide to help them achieve their research goals, however advanced they may be. If you are interested in performing research in a new and exciting field, give us a call, we like a challenge!



cDAC, is our class-leading digital controller which is used in conjunction with our flagship dedicated asphalt testing software, DIMENSION. They combine research-level power and flexibility with ease of use, providing the perfect solution for research and standard test labs.

  • 2 axis control as standard with up to 8 axes possible (for e.g. actuator and confining pressure)
  • 8 channel data-acquisition as standard with up to 32 channels possible (for any transducer type e.g. actuator displacement, axial load, confining pressure, temperature, extensometers, LVDTs etc.)
  • Fully integrated acquisition and control functions
  • Acquisition at speeds up to 5kHz, simultaneous on all channels
  • Exceptional data resolution and control with up to 24-bit auto-ranging data acquisition
  • Flash-based firmware allows remote or field updates of all modules
  • Ethernet communication port at 10/100Mb/s
  • 4 x digital inputs at up to 24V opto-isolated with 100mA sink capacity, which can be used as programmable counters
  • 4 x digital outputs opto-isolated rated at 1.6A per channel, which can be configured as PWM outputs


DIMENSION software

DIMENSION software provides you with the power and flexibility to perform standard tests and the most demanding multi-stage, multi-input, and output tests with our system.

  • Intuitive and easy to use test profile tree
  • Pre-programmed test procedures
  • Fully flexible user-defined test routines
  • Accurate feedback loops with a single transducer or combinations

We offer a wide range of test fixtures to dynamic, complex and resilient modulus, permanent deformation, cyclic compression, indirect tensile stiffness, indirect tensile fatigue, , direct tension-compression, as well as research level tests such as the PUMA.

More about DIMENSION

If you are interested in performing research in a new field that isn’t covered above, contact us, we like a challenge!

Net Weight:

Frame: 30 Kg
Control box: 6 Kg


Frame (WxDxH): 360 x 400 x 740 mm

Control Box (WxDxH): 360 x 280 x 140 mm


110-230V 50/60Hz 1ph


HS code: 90248000

Shipping dimensions (WxDxH): 107 x 100 x 110 cm

Shipping weight: 223 Kg



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