Thermo-regulated Mixers
Full stainless steel-corrosion resistance
Compact, space saving design takes up less floor space
Variable Speed Control Panel
Digital temperature indicator/controller and heater controls
Designed to last a lifetime
The range of mixers available from Cox & Sons have been specifically designed to satisfy mixing requirements for bituminous materials. Innovative features provide faster, improved mixing and cleansing. Mixers can be supplied with a choice of blade designs including interrupted spiral, contra flow or back paddle blade to suit your mixing requirements. The mixing vessel is electronically controlled via thermocouples ensuring targeted temperatures are achieved.
The machines are manufactured from high grade stainless steel designed to last a lifetime. Material is dispensed via a flow valve situated at the base of the mixer, which alleviates the need to turn the vessel when emptying, hence removing any potential health and safety concerns. Material is discharged into a container of your choice that sits underneath the mixing vessel.
  • Discharge via outlet into a secure Safety Guarded area below
  • Pivoting slide valve empties into 20 litre (61 cubic inch) trays
  • Full stainless steel-corrosion resistance
  • Inverter controlled blade speed adjustment
  • Mix temperature monitoring via trough thermocouple
  • Compact, space saving design takes up less floor space
  • Simulates full scale mixing
  • Minimizes segregation

Dimension (WxDxH) mm (inch)1200 x 600 x 735 (48 x 24 x 30)1200 x 600 x 735 (48 x 24 x 35)1500 x 750 x 1250 (60 x 30 x 48)
Weight (approx.) Kg (lb)150 (330)375 (825)435 (960)
Capacity litres (cubic inch)3060100
The most user-friendly, durable mixers on the market with safe discharge to secured area and exceptional build quality

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