Servo-Hydraulic Universal Testing


Meets accurately AASHTO, ASTM, EN, NCHRP and other standards


Utilizes Star servo valve with “Sapphire Technology”


Integral programmable temperature controlled cabinet


User friendly, intuitive and reliable Windows® software

Reliability and precision

The Servo-Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine (CS-UTM-HYD) is a well-designed, inexpensive machine specifically developed for the testing of materials used in pavement construction. A motorized, adjustable crosshead reduces the time between test setups. The programmable temperature cabinet provides the possibility to perform frequency/temperature sweeps. Accurate waveforms are digitally generated and applied by the actuator producing repeatable conditions that are simulative of those created by moving or static vehicles. The actuator is double-acting allowing both compressive and tensile forces to be applied. Various systems are available for the measurement of the modulus of unbound materials.

Control System and Software

This machine can be controlled using our Standard Acquisition and Control System along with Universal Software. Universal Software is user friendly, intuitive and reliable Windows® software developed using LabVIEW. Universal test software for the development of test methods using static, sinusoidal, haversine, square, triangular with user selected frequencies and data collection rates. Stored test data can be imported into a spreadsheet package to be analyzed by the user. Utilities are included for transducer check, diagnostic routines and calibration.

Alternatively, our next generation digital data acquisition and control unit cDAC Advanced  Data Acquisition System brought together in alliance with our flagship software DIMENSION gives you the power to perform the most demanding of tests with your materials testing equipment. cDAC, our next generation class leading digital controller is unparallelled in its field and suitable for advanced testing required for research.

  • Designed to perform a range of tests on asphaltic paving materials, sub-grade soils and granular sub-base materials 
  • Double acting fatigue rated hydraulic actuator with integral stroke transducer 
  • Star servo valve with “Sapphire Technology” 
  • Motorized adjustable lower crosshead with automatic hydraulic frame clamping 
  • Integral programmable temperature controlled cabinet 
  • Accessories available to perform a range of standard and non-standard test methods 


Maximum force

5620lbf (25kN)

Load transducer

5620lbf (25kN)

Actuator stroke

2″ (50mm)

Frequency range

0 to 100Hz

Electrical supply

220V 60 Hz, 3 Ph

Frame and cabi­net dimensions (WxDxH)

39″ x 51″ x 94″ (1000 x 1300 x 2400mm)

Powerpack dimensions (WxDxH)

25″ x 23″ x 35″ (630 x 580 x 890mm)

Working space (WxDxH)

43″ x 90.5″ x 102″ (1100 x 2300 x 2600mm)

Desktop PC



Advanced Universal Testing Machine combining state of the art technology with proven reliability and precision for research and standard testing

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