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The revered scientist Lord Kelvin (William Thomson 1824-1907) is quoted from his lecture to the Institution of Civil Engineers, May 3, 1883 as saying “I often say that if you can measure what you are speaking about and express it in numbers you know something about it; but when you cannot express it in numbers your knowledge is a meager and unsatisfactory kind; it may be the beginning of knowledge but you have scarcely, in your thoughts, advanced to the stage of science, whatever the matter may be.” This famous quote emphasizes the importance that measurement has in science, industry and commerce.

Prior to shipment, where appropriate, each piece of our test equipment is calibrated by qualified engineers using procedures and equipment which are scrutinized annually. Although equipment from Cox & Sons normally continues to perform correctly and produce accurate results for many years, over time and through application there could be some component wear and the output from electronic components may drift. A pavement laboratory is not an ideal environment for instruments that must, in some cases, measure displacements to an accuracy of one millionth of a meter.

The Benefits of Calibration

  • To comply with your internal quality assurance policy and to demonstrate a disciplined commitment to sound laboratory management.
  • To have the confidence that your test equipment continues to function correctly and to ensure that it maintains the required level of measurement accuracy you would expect.
  • To gain national and international recognition of your testing and to help you to access foreign markets where laboratory accreditation is compulsory.
  • To enhance your customers’ confidence in a reliable and accurate testing service.

Generally testing equipment needs to be checked and calibrated at least annually by fully trained approved engineers from the Cox & Sons Calibration Division. On completion of the calibration, our engineer will provide you with an update on the condition of the equipment, together with a traceable calibration certificate. ILAC – the International Laboratory  Accreditation Cooperation – is an international cooperation of laboratory and inspection accreditation bodies formed more than thirty years ago to help remove technical barriers to trade. Accreditation is the independent evaluation of conformity assessment bodies against recognized standards to carry out specific activities to ensure their impartiality and competence. Through the application of national and international standards, government, procurers and consumers can have confidence in the calibration and test results, inspection reports and certifications provided. Accreditation bodies are established in many countries with the primary purpose of ensuring that conformity assessment bodies are subject to oversight by an authoritative body. Accreditation bodies that have been evaluated by peers as competent can sign arrangements that enhance the acceptance of products and services across national borders, thereby creating a framework to support international trade through the removal of technical barriers. These arrangements are managed by the ILAC, in the field of laboratory and inspection accreditation, and the International Accreditation Forum (IAF), in the fields of management systems, products, services, personnel and other similar programs of conformity assessment. Both organizations, ILAC and IAF work together and coordinate their efforts to enhance the accreditation and the conformity assessment worldwide.
ILAC provides a focus for:

  • Developing and harmonizing laboratory and inspection accreditation practices
  • Promoting laboratory and inspection accreditation to industry, governments, regulators and consumers
  • Assisting and supporting developing accreditation systems
  • Global recognition of laboratories and inspection facilities via the ILAC Arrangement, thus facilitating acceptance of test, inspection and calibration data accompanying goods across national border.


James Cox & Sons can upgrade your old testing machines & control systems. Our cDAC (Data Acquisition & Control) system can be retrofitted to any manufacturers machine.

cDAC, our next generation class leading digital controller is unparalleled in its field. We combine cDAC, with our flagship universal test software DIMENSION to provide you with the ease of use and flexibility required for testing without limit for the next 20 years and beyond. If you want to know how to upgrade your old kneading compactors or a UTM, please get in touch.