Quality Assurance

When choosing James Cox & Sons as your business partner, you are also selecting our international reputation for competence, integrity and innovation. Each item of equipment is subject to rigorous quality tests at every stage of its production to ensure that we provide our customers with an outstanding product. Quality is fundamental to our activity; it not only relates to the final product but extends also to the systems we employ. Our UK partners are using systems which are internationally recognized via ISO 9001:2010. Our certified partner in helping us achieve this recognition is BSI (British Standards Institute). For over 100 years, BSI has led the way in developing the concept of standards and ensuring that they are relevant to your business.

James Cox & Sons provides 12 month warranty as standard on all new equipment purchases. We can do this because we believe in our products and the service level we deliver. As an established equipment supplier we know the rigors of asphalt testing over time. Our equipment is designed and built to stand this test.

*Terms and Conditions apply.

12 Month Warranty