In September 2012 Cooper Group acquired a majority stake holding in James Cox & Sons. Established in 1990, Cooper Technology is a British company and one of the world leaders in the design and manufacture of high performance testing equipment for asphaltic and unbound materials used in highway construction. The Cox acquisition has been undertaken in order to strengthen both the American and Global Asphalt, Concrete and Soil Testing supply chain. With over 50 years of combined experience our knowledge base is unsurpassed within our field of technical expertise.

Both Cox and Cooper have reputations built on partnering academic associations, Cox’s close links to UC Berkeley along with Coopers links to NTEC date back well over 20 years. Keith Cooper started his days as a Civil Engineer working for Nottingham University. Keith, like Jim Cox was an inventor and innovator, Keith introduced the world to the dynamic benefits of asphalt testing. Keith’s inventions are still being copied today, over 20 years later, by large by multi-national businesses, these businesses do not have, and never will have, the experience and provenance that is held by Cooper Research Technology, now proudly incorporating James Cox & Sons.

Both Cox and Cooper have a shared vision to design, develop and supply quality test equipment to a global market, we believe the collaboration will strengthen the current position and enhance the customer experience. It is the joint intention to be a customer focused business, we listen and we care. The Cox and Cooper approach is to first establish customer requirements and then to offer best advice on the options available in order that customers can make informed decisions. We will pride ourselves on working “in partnership” with customers rather than just “order taking.”

The acquisition ensures James Cox & Sons’ design, development and technical competence is unsurpassed within this industry sector. We recognise the need to supply modern equipment that satisfies the research communities’ requirements. In order to best support this need it is with great delight that Cox & Sons confirm the appointment of Dr. Geoffrey Rowe as a Non-Executive Director to the company. Dr. Rowe is a member of the US Expert Task Group on asphalt binders and is a licensed Professional Engineer in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida. Dr. Rowe teaches asphalt materials at New Jersey Institute of Technology and leads various research efforts on the performance of materials and the development of specifications. In addition, Dr. Rowe is a Chartered Materials Engineer in the United Kingdom. Dr. Rowe has over 50 publications, many on advanced materials and performance evaluation. Dr. Rowe’s fatigue work on asphalt mixtures has recently been published as ASTM Beam Fatigue Standard Test Method – D 7460-08. Dr. Rowe leads several research efforts in rheology and the fatigue/fracture of asphalt.

Dr. Rowe will work alongside Andrew Cooper in ensuring your every need is satisfied and no question is left unanswered when theoretical underpinning advice is required.

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