Kneading Compactor
Meets AASHTO T190, ASTM D1561 – 92 (2005) E1 and state standards
Infinitely variable tamping foot from 6 to 72 degree
Flexibility to compact soil and hotmix to individual requirements
Made in California
Compact soil and hotmix
The Kneading Compactor was designed as part of the Hveem mix design method to produce specimens which were more simulative of the compaction produced by rollers in the field. A tamping foot of 20cm² is pushed down onto mixture enclosed in a 4 inch diameter mold. The tamping foot is then retracted and the mold rotated through 60°. This kneading action is far more simulative of a field roller than the impact compaction used in the Marshall mix design method.
  • Infinitely variable tamping foot from 6 to 72 degree
  • The control system features programmable loading sequences to eliminate the time consuming tedium of hand partitioning and loading of samples, permitting higher total volume of tests per day per worker and greater repeatability of test results.
  • The machine automatically performs each of the two loading phases to the California Test Method 301 and 304 specifications, which require a prescribed loading sequence of the mold to insure uniformity.
  • The loading phases of the test previously required the close attention of a skilled technician who hand-divided the sample into equal portions and distributed the material in the mold. With the CS-1000, intervention is only required to initiate the start of an automated compaction process. This means that the operator’s attention may be directed toward preparation of the next sample during the loading sequence. Attendance is not necessary until the Compactor has completed the compaction sequence.
  • Solid state electronic control
  • Feeder belt travel is variable from 0.2 to 1.5 inches per pulse
  • Fully pre-programmable timing periods via touch screen controller
  • The use of mechanical contacts and relays is avoided to provide the utmost in reliability
  • The CS-1000 combines the best features of hydraulic-powered actuators with electronic controls, which makes possible a variety of precision-controlled operations simply not possible with other contemporary mechanical compactors
  • Made in California

Construction16-gauge welded steel exterior
Top and bottom 63.5 mm (2.5 inch) thick mild steel cross head connected by 4 columns of cold-rolled steel 63.5 mm (2.5 inch) in diameter
InsulationHigh-density fiberglass insulation for noise reduction
ControllerMenu driven touch screen interface. PLC Control (Programmable Logic Controller)
Hydraulic PanelLow Pressure Bypass
Hydraulic Controls
Tamping Foot – Heater Control
Hydraulic Cylinder mm (inch)25.4 (1) Stroke
2500 pound Maximum Compaction Force
Hydraulic Power Supply3 H.P. Motor
5 G.P.M. Pump
35 Gallon Reservoir
Mold Holder mm (inch)101.6 (4) diameter standard “California DOT” type mold holder
101.6 (4) diameter loading funnel
Electrical SupplyCS-1000: 3 Ph 208/230 V 60 Hz
CS-1000A-SP: Single phase option
Dimensions W x D x H mm (inch)1092 x 991 x 1968.5 (43 x 39 x 77.5)
Estimated Weight Kg (lbs)703 (1550)

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