Indentation Testing Machine
Meets and exceeds EN12697-20
Temperature controlled water bath
Optional immersion heater and PC data logging software
Digital indicator with digital communications
Determine the depth of indentation
The Indentation Testing Machine CS-IND for determining the resistance to penetration of road and mastic asphalt by loading a cylindrical pin and measuring the indentation in a sample over a given time. The CS-IND comprises of a frame incorporating a stainless steel water bath with drain facility, method of applying the 500N (112lbf) load and means of recording the test results.* Immersion heater is not included but can be offered as additional equipment. The apparatus conforms to the requirements of EN 12697-20.The maximum nominal size of the aggregates should be less or equal to 16 mm (0.6inch).
  • Auto data logging software available which:
    – Reduces operator involvement
    – Eliminates chances of error
    – Generates graphical representation of the test in real time
    – Saves operator data, sample information data, time, and pertinent information relevant to the specific sample on test
    – Reduces test costs significantly
  • Heater element to comply with both temperatures requested by EN standard
  • Stainless steel, temperature controlled water bath with drain facility
  • Digital indicator with digital communications

Preliminary Force(25 ± 1) N
Total Test Force(525 ± 1) N
100 mm2 Indentor Pin Diameter mm(11.3 ± 0.1) N
500 mm2 Indentor Pin Diameter mm(25.2 ± 0.1) N
Indentor Pin Length (inch)≥20 mm (0.79)
Indentor Pin Thread Length (inch)8 mm (0.31) (approx.)
Deflection of Apparatus Upon Application of Force mm (inch)<0.01
Base Plate Thickness mm (inch)>20 (0.79)
Water Tank Capacity25 litres
Water Temperature RangeAmbient or 5°C (whichever is higher) to 95°C
Ambient or 41°F (whichever is higher) to 203°F
Water Temperature Stability± 0.5°C (± 32.9°F)
Digital Indicator Resolution mm (inch)0.01 (0.00039)
Digital Indicator Communications ProtocolDigimatic via USB 2.0
Weight Kg (lbs)75 (165.347) (approx.)
Dimensions (WxDxH) mm (inches)500 x 800 x 1000 (19.685 x 31.4961 x 39.3701)
Electrical Supply240 VAC, 1, 50/60 Hz, 4.5 A, 1 kW
A high quality machine for the indentation test with advanced auto data logging software to record and present the results via real time charts

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