Dynamic Shear Rheometer
Meets and exceeds AASHTO T315 & all ASTM requirements
Can perform Multi-Stress Creep & Recovery Test (MSCR)
Simple to use, proven design
Precise and stable temperature control
Specifically for Asphalt Testing
CS-DSR, Dynamic Shear Rheometer – DSR, is simple to use with proven design. It out performs general purpose or adapted rheometers in terms of accuracy, throughput and ease of use. Dynamic Shear Rheometer – DSR is optimized for high throughput and has dedicated AASHTO specification software package including: ✓ Pass/Fail medium temperature original binder test (T315-11) ✓ Pass/Fail high temperature RTFO binder (T315-11) ✓ Pass/Fail high temperature PAV binder (T315-11) ✓ Linearity test (T315-12) ✓ Grade determination test (R29-02) ✓ Optional research grade software
  • Designed specifically for Asphalt Testing
  • Can perform Multi-Stress Creep and Recovery Test (MSCR)
  • Optimized for high throughput
  • Meets & exceeds AASHTO designation T315 and meets all ASTM requirements
  • Simple to use, proven design
  • Precise and stable temperature control (patented)
  • Rapid sample equilibrium to set temperature
  • Significant reduction in need for regular re-calibration of temperature
  • Pre-set gaps for AASHTO tests – no zeroing necessary
  • Automatic Expansion Compensation keeps gap constant with temperature
  • Compact, integrated unit with small footprint

Torque rangeAir Bearing: 10μNm to 10mNm
Mechanical bearing: 50μNm to 10mNm
Torque resolution1μNm
Position resolution1μrad
Frequency range10μHz to 100Hz
Temperature control range:5°C to 95°C (Total immersion cell)
(range can be extended depending on circulator fluid)
Temperature accuracyBetter than ±0.1°C. (Total immersion cell)
Temperature (operating)15°C – 40°C
Power V110 or 220
Weight Kg18
Dimensions (WxDxH) mm (inch)230 x 350 x 600 ( 9 x 14 x 24)


Today, over 60% of asphalt rheometers in use throughout the world are these rheometers, making it not only the preferred choice, but also the industry standard when it comes to measuring the rheology of asphalt binders.
Dynamic Shear Rheometer


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