Dry Wheel Tracker – 1 & 2 Arms
Meets EN 12697-22 SMALL DEVICE, AGPT/T231 (SUPERSEDES AST 01) and BS 598-110:1998, NLT-173
Tests materials for roads with axle loads up to 13 tonnes (28.5klb)
User friendly, intuitive and reliable Windows® software developed using LabVIEW™
Large double glazed doors for full access which enable visual monitoring of the test if required
Simulate the effect of traffic

The CS-WTEN1 wheel tracker performs both procedures A and B specified for the small scale device in EN 12697-22. Procedure A requires that six specimens are tested. For procedure B only two specimens need to be tested, but rut depth must be measured at more points along the longitudinal rut profile. To speed up the testing process the CS-WTEN2 was designed to test two specimens simultaneously.

  • Tests materials for roads with axle loads up to 13 tonnes (28.5klb)
  • Rigid test frame built from extruded aluminium section
  • Integral temperature controlled cabinet with double glazed doors
  • PID control of test temperature in the range 40°C (104°F) to 62°C (143°F)
  • Rack for pre-test temperature conditioning of specimens
  • The CS-WTEN2 tests two specimens simultaneously
  • Specimens compacted with the Cox & Sons Roller Compactor can be transferred directly to the wheel tracker without de-molding
  • Closed-loop speed control

Wheel Load N (lbf)700/520 (157/117)
Mold Dimensions (WxL) mm (inch)305 x 305 (12 x 12)
(others available)
Wheel Speed26.5 cycles per minute
Slab Thickness mm (inch)40 to 100 (1.6 to 4)
(others available)
Rut Depth Transducer Range mm (inch)50 (2)
Temperature Range °C (°F)40 to 60 (104 to 143)
Electrical SupplySingle: 220-240 Volts 50/60 Hz
Dual: 220-240 Volts 50/60 Hz
(others available)
Compressed AirDual: 7-10 bar @ 600 L/min (100-145psi @ 22 cfm)
Dimension (WxDxH) mm (inch)Single: 1579 x 610 x 1740
(62.5 x 24 x 68.5)
Dual: 1750 x 1030 x 1970
(69 x 40.5 x 77.5)
Working space required (WxDxH) mm (inch)Single: 1680 x 1840 x 1940
(66.5 x 72.5 x 76.5)
Dual: 1850 x 3090 x 2070
(73 x 122 x 81.5)
Estimated Weight Kg (lb)Single 448 (1000)
Dual 500 (1100)
Absolute Reliability
The CS-WTEN1 and CS-WTEN2 are supplied with a UKAS certificate of accreditation validating conformance to EN 13108

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