Auto Lift Arm ECO Wheel Tracker
Meets EN 12697-22 SMALL DEVICE, AGPT/T231 (SUPERSEDES AST 01) and T 0719
Saves energy, is space efficient and can double daily testing output
Tests materials for roads with axle loads up to 13 tonnes (28.5klb)
Measures rut depth and sample temperature automatically at regular intervals
Simple to use, proven design
The CS-WTECO-A™ wheel tracker performs both procedures A and B specified for the small scale device in EN 12697-22. Procedure A requires that six specimens are tested. For procedure B only two specimens need to be tested, but rut depth must be measured at more points along the longitudinal rut profile and the tests are longer. To speed up the testing process the CS-WTECO-A™ was designed to test two specimens within one working day via a pre-programmable unique lift arm mechanism (EC registered design #: 001699042).
  • Tests materials for roads with axle loads up to 13 tonnes (28.5klb)
  • Fully programmable automated lift arm, enables up to twice the normal test throughput
  • Automated pre programmable sample conditioning
  • Small and compact for maximum energy efficiency, 28% saving over CS-WTEN1
  • Integral temperature controlled cabinet with fully glazed doors
  • PID control of test temperature in the range 40°C (104°F) to 62°C (143°F)
  • Specimens compacted with the Cox & Sons Roller Compactor can be transferred directly to the wheel tracker without de-molding

Wheel Load N (lbf)700 (157)
Mold Dimensions (WxL) mm (inch)305 x 305 (12 x 12),
320 x 260 (12.5 x 10.2)
Wheel Speed26.5 cycles per minute
Slab Thickness mm (inch)35 to 100 (1.4 to 4)
Rut Depth Transducer Range mm (inch)50 (2)
Temperature Range °C (°F)40 to 62 (104 to 143)
Electrical SupplyCS-WTECO-A: 1 Ph 240 V 50 Hz
CS-WTECO-A60: 1 Ph 110 V 60 Hz
Dimension (WxDxH) mm (inch)1450 x 540 x 1450 (57 x 21.5 x 57)
Working space required (WxDxH) mm (inch)2450 x 540 x 2000 (96.5 x 21.5 x 79)
Estimated Weight Kg (lb)380 (840)


Energy efficient than its peer wheel tracking machines

One of the best Wheel Tracking equipment for the determination of the rut resistance of asphaltic paving materials

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